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Broadlands Family Practice is conducting a pilot video consultation program (EZVisit™) for patients who wish to be seen by the doctor from virtually anywhere. These visits are designed to address straightforward burgeoning medical matters without disruption to the patient’s busy schedule. Video visits do not replace important preventive medical care and may not be suitable for more complex medical issues.

These visits will be offered on a limited basis at first. They are designed to offer the same quality care you have come to expect from our physicians and staff. The purpose of this pilot is to discover any difficulties that may arise during the delivery of your care. We anticipate the need to make adjustments. Your input and suggestions are critical to the success of this program. Any constructive comments are always appreciated! Please send comments and suggestions to kmrodriguez@ffpcs.com.

Scheduling a visit:

To schedule a visit, please contact our office at 703.722.2312.

Mobile Instructions

For instructions on how to conduct a video visit using your mobile device (including smart phones and tablets), please click here.


After completing your EZ Video Visit, please complete this survey to help us make this service better

Questions & Answers

How long will my visit last?

Consultations may last up to 10 minutes depending on the nature of your medical issue.

Will a medication be prescribed during this visit?

If appropriate, a medication may be prescribed and sent to the pharmacy of your choice.

Can I get a video consult for my child?

Video consults are available to children of all ages. An in-office follow-up consultation may be required – particularly for newborns and infants.

Will you bill my insurance for this visit?

Your insurance will be billed appropriately as with any other medical visit. A co-payment will apply if required by your insurance company.

Can I get a video consult if I am new to the practice?

No, only those who have already established care with Fairfax Family Practice, and have been seen in our clinic in the past 3 years, can access video consults.

How many issues will be covered during this visit?

On average, we will cover one issue during this visit.

How much will the visit cost?

The cost of the visit is identical to the cost of a face to face visit. There is no additional cost to conduct the visit virtually.

Can opioids or other controlled substances be prescribed during this visit?


Can I record the visit?

No. Recording may only occur with prior WRITTEN consent from the provider. Unauthorized recording is not permitted.

Are there any other restrictions?

You must be in the state of Virginia during the visit.

Anything I need to do to prepare for the visit?

You need to present a form of identification that is not expired with your picture, name, and date of birth.

Is there a possibility that I will need to come in after the EZ Video Visit™?

Yes. Depending on your symptoms, the provider may ask you to be evaluated at a face to face visit.

What are the software requirements for EZ Video Visits™?

The software only is compatible with Internet Explorer 9 and above, Chrome, or Firefox. See above for mobile instructions.

What conditions are appropriate for EZ Video Visits™?

Cough, cold, congestion, runny nose, sinus symptoms, sore throat, ear ache, fatigue, rash, muscle pain, joint pain (only if it is not after a traumatic injury), pink eye, headache, diarrhea, and fever and chills

What conditions are not appropriate for EZ Video Visits™?

Chest pain, shortness of breath, dizziness, passing out, heart racing, abdominal pain, and weight loss